Costume Jewelry – the Newest Trend Nowadays

Costume jewelry is a kind of jewelry that mainly made of artificial materials. These costume pieces are beautiful, gorgeous, and inexpensive. No wonder that they are popular among people. More and more women are willing to apply costume jewelry to complete their personal style.Costume jewelry comes in a wide range of colors, materials, types, deigns and styles. Earrings, necklace, pendants, brooches, bracelets, rings, navel rings, nose rings, and hair accessories are all included in costume jewelry. Continue reading

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Apply Beautiful Lampwork Glass Beads in Jewelry

Beautiful beads are used in jewelry making for a long time. In the market, we can easily get a large collection of various beads, some oldest types like pearls beads, shell beads, coral beads, and agate beads, or the latest European charm beads as well as gemstone beads, crystal glass beads, Tibetan silver beads, howlite turquoise beads and magnetic beads.

beads necklace jewelryBesides these popular beads, many others are also offered. Continue reading

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Glam Hair Accessories for Your Big Day

Wedding ceremony can be the most important moment for all women. It brings both joy and excitement to people. However, some women may feel anxiety before the wedding ceremony. Why? Because all brides are dream of being the most beautiful in their big day, they will worry about they don’t make a full preparation.

group wedding bridesAll brides are eager for a perfect wedding ceremony. To achieve this, there are many important aspects that a bride should take into consideration. Continue reading

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Steps to Putting on Natural Acrylic False Nails

Step 1: Clean nails and Remove cuticles by using a cuticle remover.

Clean nails
Step 2: Pick up the correct size false nails to fit over your natural nails.

Natural Acrylic False Nails
Step 3: Glued the false nails onto natural nails with nail glue. Wait until the glue is dry. Continue reading

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Basic Knowledge about Jewelry Clasps

Exquisite jewelry is closely linked with our daily life. On many occasions, people need a beautiful piece of jewelry to add beauty and charm, such as, wedding ceremony, engagement, dinner party, anniversary, and many others. People are familiar with various kinds of fashion jewelry like necklaces or bracelets. While they may feel uncertain when mention about jewelry making supplies. Continue reading

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Headband – Adorable &Trendy Hair Jewelry

Headband, one of fashionable hair accessories, is undoubtedly ideal for every occasion use. Whether you are in the school or fashion party, you always can get your glory with headbands which can easily improve your entire appearance.
head hair band accessories
headband hair accessory

hair band jewelryThere are plenty of silk headbands, cotton headbands, leather headbands or other various materials headbands, and most of them can provide you with the adorable and also trendy look. It is possible to design fashionable appearances with a simple hair band. Continue reading

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New Arrival -Nickel Free Bracelet & Earrings

For those people who are allergic to nickel, Nickel free jewelry must be their favorite. However, today, Nickel free jewelry is becoming familiar to girls. There are many Nickel free bracelets & earrings appearing in a variety of styles, it is very simple and easy to choose the suitable one for most people. Continue reading

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Show your fashion sense with Cross Pendant jewelry

 The gorgeousness of the cross pendant jewelry would be the simple fact that they could be worn anywhere at any time. It seems that cross pendant necklaces match every type of clothes along with most moods; they are always showed up in the family party, friends’ gathering, business meeting, award ceremony, etc.

cross necklace
cross pendant
fashion cross pendant
cross pendant jewelry
rhinestone cross pendant
men's jewelry
Now, it is time to show your fashion sense with CROSS pendant jewelry.

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Common types of body piercing jewelry

Nowadays, body piercing jewelry gets incredible popularity from young people.
Have you tired of wearing the normal fashion jewelry? Then wearing the body piercing jewelry would be another good choice.

lip ringThere are some common types of body piercing jewelry according to the piercing areas.

Navel ring

Belly button is the most common pierced areas of body. Navel jewelry pieces are usually regarded as essential adornment while the clothes can’t cover the navel. Continue reading

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Small Skills to Protect You Pearl Necklace

Pearl beads can leave an impression of elegant and graceful. Many people are fond of wearing pearl style jewelry, particular pearl necklaces. We can expect people from all ages wearing it, and the most common must be middle-aged women. The pearl necklaces can help them reach a subtle look, and exhibit intellectual beauty. Just like any other jewelry, pearl necklaces also need good maintenance if you want to have a long-term use. You can follow some small skills to protect your pearl necklaces. Continue reading

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