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For those formal meetings and presentations, and other business occasions, the right business suits for women are needed. That means that women need to get some conservative coordinates in the business wardrobe with proper suits and blouses. But this we know that the appropriate business attire for women is the women’s business suits, the question that remains is where exactly to get them from. What follows are some of the famous and well settled brands for such business attires and also some extra tips on how to carry these suits well.

‘Theory’ is one of the very famous brands and offers a respectable discount in the major department stores. So, time your purchase wisely. Suits really depend on the built and style so choose other brands if you want but prudently.

A default color for women’s business suits is black whether its day or night and it will cleverly disguise any ‘mishaps’ at lunch; but do take care that if you have dark eyes and blackish hair, and you still want to wear a dark color then go for deep blues and deep greens. Or better still, break up the black with suitable accessories like a nice off white blouse or a small sparkling brooch.

These convenient suits can look a little bland and pre packaged so a creative mix and match with perhaps a nice blouse can give an elegant and interesting look. You can get good shirts from J Crew and Express, Banana Republic and Victoria Secret, Uniqlo or Ann Tylor. Apart from the official blouses for suits, you can carry your suit very well with button down shirts giving you an official look. But care must be taken that they fit well and they shouldn’t be too tight or too loose at the chest or they give an awful look to even a perfectly tailored women’s business suit.

Shoes are a very important consideration for women as an office wear unlike men. Women not only have to pay attention to color and style but also to the height of the heels, the material and the fashion. The height of the heels should be in fact the first consideration when matching good foot wear with women business suits. The heels are all about matching the shoes with your weight, height, personality and last but not the least, comfort. Weird chunky or platform heels do not blend well with the office suits. Get yourself an average heel of about 1.5" to 3" preferably leather and without shiny embellishments. You do not even have to get designer shoes. A sophisticate choice of shoes is all you need to have.

When it comes to accessories, the first to look at are the bags. Classy is the general rule for bags in office to match up with you business suits. Investing some more money to get a good designer bag is not a bad option. Now when it comes to make up, rule of the thump is to ‘cut it down’. Never over do the make up, instead keep it light and natural and preferably use high quality make up because it’s worth the investment. Keep a concealer, a mascara and a natural color gloss with you in your bag always. They can come handy after long hours of work.

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