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Tom Burkleaux,
How To Order Nike Roshe Runs Women, owner of New Deal Distillery,
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Hot Sale Roshe Run’ Sneaker (Women), used for making gin and vodka. New Deal handcrafts its spirits starting with the grain. Undated photo. (Christopher Onstott/Portland Tribune)

In the past two years, Portland’s Distillery Row the collective of small distillers within a 1.5 mile swath of the now hip Lower Eastside Industrial District has been featured by local and national media almost more times than the city’s food carts.

The boon in craft distilleries is seen as yet another wave of small entrepreneurship,
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But what’s missing from the buzz is a dirty little secret in the distilling industry that no one likes to talk about: A large share of Oregon’s spirits is not made here.

In other words,
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"There’s a difference between a local brand and a local product,
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For example, he says: "Nike’s a local brand, but those shoes are not a local product,
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McCarthy is a granddaddy in the industry, one of the first three to spring up in the United States when he opened in 1985.

Now, Oregon is home to 35 distilleries that have spirits on the shelf, 23 of which are members of the Oregon Distillers Guild. Another 15 distilleries have submitted their application for licensure,
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That’s a big boon for the guild, the nonprofit trade group that started in 2007 with the goal of promoting Oregon spirits both locally and nationally.

In his 28 years of business, McCarthy’s observed that "a great percentage of what’s being sold in Oregon as an Oregon product is not an Oregon product."

Other local distillers wholeheartedly agree, but they are quick to shy away from naming names since they want to build the industry, not tear it down.

It’s also not as simple as claiming that a product is "made" here.

There’s a broad interpretation of what it means to be "handcrafted," since it’s more like a spectrum that could start with the distiller’s operation of a farm, acquisition of the grain or mash,
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Much of the country’s straight bourbon,
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LDI ships its "Kentucky straight whiskey" all over the world, to be sold under different names.

Local distillers say they don’t cast any judgment on whether a product comes from that source or a similar one; they recognize it is widely done, and it’s up to the individual distiller to make those decisions.

They say they do have a problem with how a company represents itself.

"I think that when people are dishonest about it is when there’s a problem," says Christian Krogstad, founder of House Spirits, one of the original members of Distillery Row,
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Some distillers are candid about where they source their spirits from,
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For example, Hood River Distillers’ Pendleton Whiskey is "distilled and oak barrel aged in Canada,
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Northwest Portland’s Bull Run Distillery sells a Kentucky bourbon under the name Temperance Trader Straight Bourbon Whiskey, that says on the label it is "distilled in Indiana and bottled by Bull Run."

Big Bottom Whiskey, a new distillery in Hillsboro, makes an American Straight Bourbon Whiskey that the label says is "aged and bottled by Big Bottom,
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Others are a bit harder to read.

Eastside Distilling,
Size 10 Ladies Nike Roshe Run Women, one of the Distillery Row members around since 2010, just picked up a prestigious International Review of Spirits Award for its flagship product,
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According to its label (featuring the mutton chopped General Ambrose Burnside himself), Burnside is a "4 year barrel aged straight bourbon whiskey" that is "produced and bottled by Eastside Distilling."

Burnside is popular it’s also won a gold medal in the MicroLiquor Spirit Awards, a gold medal from the American Wine Institute, and a silver medal from the MicroLiquor Spirits Awards for label design.

Eastside’s website declares that "making great tasting,
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The Tribune contacted co owner Lenny Gotter, who, with his business partner, were known as Deco Distilling prior to 2010. They made small batches of rum in the same warehouse space they occupy.

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