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Surf’s up They’re so regular, you can practically set your watch by them. I saw them yesterday morning, running in batches along the trail in the park by our house, heading toward the Virginia River and down (I presume) to Quidi Vidi Lake. They fly by at pretty much the same time.

Actually, we see countless groups of runners, from the pair of neighbours who share a morning run, to the all out Sunday morning squadrons who start in Churchill Square and whose crisscross of the city takes them by our yard. John’s area. The options range from a two lap jog around Burton’s Pond and the Memorial University campus to a much more intensive 20 mile run from Cape Spear to Cabot Tower.

Also look for the link to other running routes around the province. Again, there’s plenty of room for new contributions, although a busy beaver in Marystown has been mapping out the routes there.

Developed by Swedish gamesmeister Anders Gustafsson, Gateway and its more complicated successor are online games that make you think. I came across the sequel first, and it took me a good few minutes to get the hang of it. The job? Move a small robot around a surreal series of corridors and rooms, while solving one mini puzzle after another. It can be confounding; if you get stumped, Google "Gateway walkthrough" to see how things can be solved. That said, you’ll want to challenge yourself to figure out each little mystery.

Here’s a fun way to sift through the millions of photographs on Flickr, the photo sharing site. A tag is a word that a user applies to an image to help describe it, so this browser helps locate images that have various tags in common. For instance, type in words like "family" and "vacation" (you have to separate them by commas) and you’ll see a wide variety of pictures that have been tagged that way.

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