Small Skills to Protect You Pearl Necklace

Pearl beads can leave an impression of elegant and graceful. Many people are fond of wearing pearl style jewelry, particular pearl necklaces. We can expect people from all ages wearing it, and the most common must be middle-aged women. The pearl necklaces can help them reach a subtle look, and exhibit intellectual beauty. Just like any other jewelry, pearl necklaces also need good maintenance if you want to have a long-term use. You can follow some small skills to protect your pearl necklaces.Firstly, keep your pearl necklace away from the kitchen. Pearl has many tiny holes on the surface. You should not let them breathe in dirty air. You have to pick pearl necklace off when preparing dinner in the kitchen. Steam and lampblack will penetrate into the pearl and turn it yellow. And it is easy for pearl to absorb in hair spray, perfume and other substances. So, never wear your beautiful pearl necklace during perm.

fashion pearl necklaceSecondly, it is essential to clean the pearl after wearing. Never clean it with water, because water will enter the tiny holes. It would be difficult to dry the pearl. If you have excessive sweating when wearing the pearl necklace, you can wipe with a wet towel. You need attach importance to the store of pearl necklace. I suggest you use sheepskin instead of facial tissue.

pearl necklaceThirdly, just like human being, pearl also need fresh air. Don’t store your pearl necklaces in a jewelry box or a plastic bag for a long time. It would be better to wear it frequently. Pearl will become yellow without fresh air long time. Since pearl beads are so beautiful, why not store them in the box? Wear it and let it show your personal charm.

pearl necklace jewelryAt last, remember to change the cord. It is better to string the pearls every three years. Of course, this is depend on the time that the frequency of wearing. If you can insist on the above skills, I’m sure you can take good protection for your special pearl necklaces.


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