Common types of body piercing jewelry

Nowadays, body piercing jewelry gets incredible popularity from young people.
Have you tired of wearing the normal fashion jewelry? Then wearing the body piercing jewelry would be another good choice.

lip ringThere are some common types of body piercing jewelry according to the piercing areas.

Navel ring

Belly button is the most common pierced areas of body. Navel jewelry pieces are usually regarded as essential adornment while the clothes can’t cover the navel.

navel ring

Nose ring
There are generally three types of Nose piercing: bridge piercing, nostril piercing and nasal septum piercing. The most familiar nose jewelry is circle rings.

nose ring

Eyebrow ring
Eyebrow piercing is pierced through the side of eyebrow. Curved barbells and circle rings seem to be the appropriate eyebrow jewelry.

eyebrow ring

Tongue and lip ring
Tongue piercing is pierced in the center of tongue. Barbell tongue jewelry is the most common style. Medusa piercing and Monroe piercing are the two styles of lip piercing. And stud is regarded as the common lip piercing jewelry.

Like the normal fashion jewelry, body piercing jewelry also can improve and highlight your attractiveness.


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