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Archaeology has repeatedly revealed the truth that the making and designing of jewelry is an ancient art. This art could be done at any level, which is what makes it so interesting. You may find out some of charming pieces made by highly experienced independent fashion jewelry makers. Of course, on the other hand you have companies who mass produce the same design. In either of any case, it begins with the design and the creativity of the designer. Given the huge variations produced each year, it is a tribute to the high level of creativity of those who work in this field.

One of the most important points to bear in mind is to only buy sterling silver, and of course always making your purchases from reputable and trusted jewelers. It is easier to trust a long-standing business where you live, than someone online, especially jewelry. A lot of individuals won’t even give out their email box address, let alone a credit card number.

The third type of wholesale jewelry we want to talk about is the widely-available contemporary jewelry. There is just tons of this jewelry to choose from. Each year the best of the fashion designers present their new designs, which are continually moving forward in the fashion world. Just as the fashion designers hope their particular look or line will become the new trend, so do the top jewelry designers when they create their new lines of contemporary jewelry. When the new lines of contemporary jewelry, the same to the designer clothing, are released each year it’s anybody’s guess which products will be loved and which hated. But, that’s the way it goes in the fashion world. We pay a lot of attention to what our public figures wear both in clothing and jewelry and movie stars and singers, especially, have a big affect on what becomes popular and trendy. The public is responsible for women all over the world copying their favorite public figure. When normal women read about what these world-famous women wear, they want to wear the same things.

Sterling silver has been crafted into beautiful styles, and this is why it is so popular. Jewelry, made from silver, has unique look separate from gold or other precious metals. Try to find the perfect silver piece, if you cannot find something at your local jeweler. And then find someone skilled in crafting silver.

Usually a jewelry store that has been existed next to you for a long time, which has been run by respectable people or they would not still be in business. Any place that had been recommended by people you trust could be the place to go. Most people like to examine any piece of jewelry they would like to buy.

Respected jewelers can be nice to know, especially when you need your jewelry assessed. Well, you have two options to find out the truth behind your jewelry making. Analyzing the silver can be done by scratching it and pouring a couple of drops of nitric acid on the scratch.

If the acid becomes grayish and cloudy, then that means the silver is sterling. On the other hand, when the drops turn green your jewelry is only silver plated. Testing your jewelry is not something that you have to do, because most jewelers are more than happy to test it for you.


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